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 Ceremony Celebrants



Graduated in French philology from the New Orleans Louisiana State University, from the Lettres de Montpellier in France as well as from the University of Granada in Spanish philology, she is a retired professor who has worked at the United Nations in Geneva, at Lufthansa (Germany) and in the faculties of medicine of Granada, Madrid and Barcelona.

Her interesting work experience and life story eventually leads her to fulfil her desire to share other people's joy and emotions through her role as wedding celebrant, a task she undertakes wholeheartedly as the celebration of life and love through the blessing of marriage. 

'My mission is to guarantee that the ceremony is carried out with the utmost care and attention, so that all the participants feel that they are being truly involved in this magical moment.'

Thanks to their experience and humanity, both Madeline and Jose Luis will be able to lead your ceremony with all the delicacy and wisdom that such an important moment deserves. You decide whom between the two you wish to have as celebrant for your ceremony, and that's when we start working as a team. Through a Skype meeting, you'll get the chance to know them personally, and thus find out whom between the two you wish to pick for your wedding. 

Once the celebrant has been chosen, we'll listen to your ideas and wishes and we'll come up with a first draft for the ceremony. In further meetings, we'll define the details needed in order to match the personal style of the ceremony you have in mind: polishing up the texts for the speeches, participation of family and friends, musical themes, rituals... 

The celebrant's task is to be with you, to be present and attentive at all times, putting all their soul in your ceremony. Our task as wedding planners is to coordinate everything around the ceremony: the coming and leaving of the bride and groom and of all the guests, the music, staff, participants, rituals, signing the official documents, the celebrants, photographs, etc... 


Graduated in English philology and PHD in English didactics, he is a university teacher and a life traveler, always eager to discover new and different cultures, and a passionate father of three. 

Master of Ceremonies in various international congresses, what he values above all things is to be able to contribute to such a special moment between two persons who love each other, as well as accompanying their families and friends. 

'For such a moment, I can only offer the best that's in me: transmitting serenity, joy and solemnity in an event full of moments to be remembered. I offer the guarantee that language won't be a problem, that not only the bride and groom but also their guests will feel at home, and part of an experience that they, without any doubt, will find extremely thrilling.' 


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