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The Challenges of organising a Wedding in Spain


There can be all sorts of challenges when organising a wedding in Spain, and obviously even more so if you are not from the area. Here are a few of the issues couples are faced with when planning their wedding in Spain:


Language Barrier

This might well be the most challenging aspect of organising a wedding in Spain. Even if you choose a venue where some of the staff has some knowledge of English, it's likely they won't speak enough to really understand your wishes and make them come true.

Dealing with suppliers

Working with suppliers (most of whom may not speak English) and getting everything ready on time for the wedding is a challenge in your own country, let alone from 2,000 miles away!

Finding the venue

Searching for a venue for your wedding ceremony or celebration can be a daunting task, because unless you are really familiar with the area it can be difficult to shortlist different types of venues and locations, and visiting several venues may be time consuming and frustrating.


Spain has its own laws of marriage, and dealing with the paperwork can be a real headache. It definitely helps to have expert staff on site who know how to deal with Spanish authorities and get all the paperwork ready on time for the wedding.


Co-ordinating flights and accommodation for your friends and family is a challenge in itself, and that time could surely be better invested in choosing the right dress for the wedding rather than going nuts over plane tickets and hotel bookings.

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